About VGS

We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, having specialized in increasing the value of your logistics operations in warehousing and logistics distribution centers.

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Solving problems in warehouse management

With more than 10 years of experience in automation of logistics processes, we recognize that any error increases operating costs and the risk of losses. This led us to refine our WMS to fix them.

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How we do it


We advise our clients on how to mark their warehouse, the flow paths and the distribution of the product according to their ordering profile.


We put staff on-site during the development process of the project to work on the different fronts, efficiently attending to its production output.


We care that the client gets the highest benefit from its solution. With the process of technological appropriation we take you to an adaptation according to your business.

Easy customer

Our clients are supported by remote support at all times. By means of chat, telephone and web page he receives assistance in the shortest time possible.

Our implementation

We know that the main priority for you as a valued client is to have a total technological appropriation and a complete and successful implementation, that is the reason why we base our transfer approach on three foundations.


We developed WMS Copernico to be modular and adaptable to your specific logistics centers and requirements.


We support the roles of your teams to reduce implementation setbacks.


We incorporated a scalable logistic process to implement each step of your warehouses in a conducive way.

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copernico wms

Our Copernico WMS Warehouse Management System is Efficiency, Innovation and Exceptional Support.

The smart choice for your logistics processes.

Customers who have trusted us

It is an important matter for VGS to thank the clients who have been with us throughout our path and we thank them for their trust in us.

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Introducing Copernico

Find out how Copernico WMS and our Customized implementation will help you transform your logistics operations within the general standard of major companies.