8 mistakes to avoid when preparing orders

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8 mistakes to avoid when preparing orders

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Many mistakes made  during the picking or packing can lead to customer complaints. While perfection is difficult to achieve, corrections can be made so that orders are processed and shipped in the best possible condition. To this end, we provide you with a list of errors to avoid during order preparation.

1. Mistakes in product selection = wrong picking

If an item is placed somewhere in the warehouse that does not belong to it, the person responsible for picking the reference at that location has likely picked the wrong product. The consequences of that mistake should not be taken lightly since pickers pick up the wrong items for the same order, which will undoubtedly result in customers’ complaints.

2. Selecting the wrong quantity of product 

Occasionally, the wrong quantity of items is picked, and operators may pick more or fewer items than the order requires. When a company is large and uses barcode scanners, it can tell operators how many products to collect. However, the number of items removed should be recorded on the scanner to prevent the error from being repeated. 

3. Select a product with a code very similar to the searched reference

Marking spaces is essential for many logistics professionals. This system makes it possible to locate items quickly, but it can also be the cause of the error.  Instead of reading the number of the searched product, the operator may confuse it with a similar reference and select another item.

4. Items scattered throughout the warehouse

This error generates a waste of time in the picking process. Operators must travel to different warehouse areas to pick several units of the same product. This happens frequently, but it won’t happen if the company shows signs of organization and manages its inventory. 

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5. Unlabeled products

Receiving products and goods marked with bar codes makes it easier to identify and locate them in the warehouse. Despite this precaution, it is not uncommon to find unlabeled items on the shelves. In this case, they must go through the marking phase again before being added to the package.

6. Mixing two or more orders

It is common for an operator to be responsible for picking several items from different orders at a time

This practice can increase order processing speed. However, this technique is risky because simple inattention can lead to errors when packing the order.

To avoid making such mistakes, each item should be scanned before packing,  and barcode scanners should be used so that operators always know what each order should be packed.

7. Unauthorized replacement of items

In case of out-of-stock, if one item needs to be replaced by another, this substitution should be recorded in the system so it won’t affect inventory management. Your item replacement policy must be clear, and all your employees must comply with it.

8. Picking up the wrong size item

It is common to find identical items in warehouses but in different sizes. So, for you to pick in good condition, each package must have its reference, and the operator must scan the items before picking. 

Many factors can lead to errors during order preparation, and identifying them is the first step to success. Once you identify those errors that prevent your customer from being 100% satisfied, we recommend implementing solutions to optimize your order fulfillment process. 

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