How Slotting solution helps to increase warehouse productivity

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How Slotting solution helps to increase warehouse productivity

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If this is the first time you hear the term Slotting, you may be wondering: What is it? What is it for? In this article we will explain all of that and the advantages it can offer you.

Slotting is one of the most innovative technologies in logistics that increases the productivity of your logistics center. In turn, it is a method of locating products within a warehouse, which takes into account the strategic location of each element according to its characteristics and the organizational needs of each business.

It is necessary not to forget that logistics is an important contribution to the productivity of a company. In turn, warehousing is one of its most important parts. In other words, if you achieve the correct arrangement of the products within the warehouse, strategically using the space, it will be easier to achieve a good logistic performance. Common situations such as incorrect placement or organization of products on the shelves can cause significant delays in the picking process.

The basic elements that characterize this technology are:

· Classification categories.

· Definition of parameters to be used as sorting axes and their units of measurement: volume, weight, dimensions, etc.

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· Knowledge of the currently established layout.

· Establishing ratios for the design of locations: linear meters, hits per hour, etc.

Advantages of slotting in logistics

Applying this technology to the storage of your company’s products will help optimize the distribution of materials and all logistics processes. Among the benefits of applying inventory data to the design of new storage distributions, the following stand out:

Improve the efficiency of the picking process: essentially, if your employees know where to find each product, the order fulfillment process will be faster. In addition, the risk of errors in the final order is reduced.

Gain a deeper understanding of customer needs: if you know what the most common orders are, it will be easier for you to control your inventory and make sure you have all the highest volume products in your inventory. This avoids supply problems and makes it easier to ensure customer satisfaction.

Improve brand image: this technology can provide buyers with more accurate services, thus improving the company’s overall reputation. Satisfied logistics staff: through the use of this product distribution and Slotting-related technology, workers have seen their workload reduced. Therefore, they are much more productive.

The relationship between Slotting and technology to improve processes

Software tools designed for warehouse management are essential for improving the overall logistics management of a company and, most importantly, for the correct implementation of a Slotting solution in warehouses.

With the automation of these processes, it becomes easier to obtain all the information about incoming and outgoing products, as well as their main characteristics: dimensions, materials, expiration date, rotation level, etc.

In other words, the digitization of logistics processes, is essential to increase the efficiency of any process and reduce errors. This also includes designing the correct location of the product in the warehouse. And, for that case, a Slotting solution is a key to increase the productivity of a warehouse

Warehouse management systems are based on the organizational and management criteria entered by your managers. In this way, it allows you to create an optimal location strategy. In addition, this type of software also ensures real-time inventory control.

Improving warehouse productivity with Slotting solution

By implementing the right software in the slotting technique, it is also possible to know at any time the position of each product. In fact, it coordinates inputs and outputs on the basis of set variables. In this way, work in the warehouse is much easier. As a result, the picking process is also optimized.

Slotting software in warehouses allows you to create an internal configuration of operation, according to the workflow and level of rotation of items within a specific period of time.

Based on all the information entered, they classify each item in the warehouse and assign it a location according to previously established rules. These also include replenishment tasks and even control of movements and possible inventory losses.

In turn, the digitization of processes and the management of warehouse and logistics tasks can increase productivity and optimize aspects such as delivery times. It also helps to achieve checkout standards, one of the key aspects of e-commerce logistics.

The combination of these technical elements with Slotting acts as an innovative technology to maximize warehouse capacity and significantly reduce the time it takes to complete each warehouse task, so logistics centers that choose these solutions will see how they can significantly improve their performance.

It should be emphasized that efficient management of warehouse locations represents a reduction in workload and an improvement in the flow of movements, but this efficiency is not possible without the use of a software program designed specifically for this purpose, which can properly automate the process of space allocation.

If all of this is done manually, errors can occur that can negatively impact the company’s economics and brand image in relation to customer satisfaction. Therefore, the investment in implementing these systems is very reasonable and has a good ROI.

If you want to discover our Slotting solution and how it can increase your warehouse productivity, contact us!


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