It’s time to rethink your warehouse design

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It’s time to rethink your warehouse design

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With an ever-changing industry and increasingly fierce competition, it’s natural to wonder if it’s time to revisit your warehouse design because the efficient operation and competitive costs depend on your Warehouse design.

So when should you change your warehouse design? To answer this question and execute the process, we recommend that you first conduct an accurate analysis of your physical storage requirements. After performing this analysis, you should compare the results you get with the goals you have set for yourself.

So how do you know when to modify your warehouse design? To carry out this process, the first thing to do is perform an accurate analysis of your physical storage needs. After performing this analysis, compare the results you get with the goals you set for yourself.

If in the middle of this process you manage to identify several of the following characteristics, you need to start your design review process:

-Your logistics center security is insufficient.
-In the coming months, you expect considerable company growth, therefore, increased storage needs.
-You plan to open another storage space in addition to your current warehouse.
-You are constantly facing stock-outs.
-You plan to stock a new range of products or change the type of inventory you store.
-Your aisles are full of pallets that shouldn’t be there.
-Your shelves are up to 90% or even 95% of their storage capacity.

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Why is it important to review the design of your logistics center?

While updating your warehouse design may seem costly and hard to execute. In the long run, it represents a necessary investment with real benefits. -Expand available storage space.

-Expand available storage space.
-Optimize logistic processes.
-Improve the company’s performance.
-Reducing costs caused by inefficient storage of products. -Optimization of warehouse operations. -Optimization of warehouse operations.

In this sense, what part of your logistics center should you consider when redesigning storage spaces? The answer is simple: all of them.

In the past, only the operational, strategic, and tactical components had an impact on the state of the warehouse. But today, any decision can impact the operation of your business. For this reason, getting feedback from all the players in your supply chain is necessary.

At the same time, to make your warehouse a real success, it is important to have engineers and experts who can answer your questions and advise you according to your circumstances. Each company has its own needs, which only a professional in the sector can assess in depth.

They will answer a series of questions, such as the number of pallets you need to store, the number of SKUs in storage, and the amount of space available in your storage system, and provide information on stock rotation details.

Keep in mind that your goals, results, and forecasts are factors that must be evaluated before you begin redesigning your warehouse. Without an accurate analysis of each of these elements, you will have no way of knowing if your requirements are truly reasonable or if they just supply chain errors that need to be corrected.

If you want to start a review, we put our experts at your disposal to provide you with the best consultancy to make the decision that will benefit your business the most.

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