Optimize your productivity with Copernico WMS integrations

Our WMS adapts to your needs, has the ability to integrate with your internal operating platform and take your production to the next level.

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Advantages of our integrations

WMS Copernico takes care of the real-time control of your inventory by automating your logistics processes and data, delivering an increase in your operational capacity. Our software integrations achieve:

Reduce time, costs and effort thanks to the optimization and automation of your information.

Constantly monitor the location of your merchandise in real time, until it reaches its destination.

Design contingency solutions that issue immediate responses in unforeseen cases

Electronic trading platforms and markets

Configure your e-commerce to associate your sales with inventory, picking and packing processes, and obtain detailed analyses of your product turnover.


It connects seamlessly with Copernico to improve communication and control between your winery and your online store.


Automatically generate your orders at checkout to reduce the delivery time of your products

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With Amazon and Copernico, you'll be able to easily manage your order generation, billing, and shipping all in one place, and all within seconds.


Seamlessly integrates with Copernico to manage all your logistics processes, while you grow your business.

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Transport and logistics

We help you speed up the shipment of your products by automating the generation of shipping guides, package tracking and quotes with the leading transport companies.


Facilitates the freight forwarding process and bulk shipments while ensuring delivery and order fulfillment.


Generates quotes according to the variables of delivery time, means of transport and duration, aligned with the needs and budgets of its clients


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Finance and fintech

Connect your accounting and financial analysis applications and know the costs of your logistics operations, the value of the products in inventory, the costs of supplies and the profits from the sales shipped.


Increase visibility and compliance of the costs and profits associated with your logistics processes


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Connects business planning and management systems with logistics processes to improve data-driven decision-making, prevent supply chain errors and mitigate the risk of stock-outs.

Microsoft Dynamics

Increase visibility into the metrics associated with managing your distribution center to forecast performance and design plans that maximize your profitability.


Connect quickly, securely, and in real-time the information of all your logistics processes and optimize decision-making for your warehouse.

Ofima S.A.S.

Precisely control the productivity of each stage of the logistics process of your warehouse in an agile, detailed, and real-time manner.

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Keep your orders just in time, reduce storage costs, and improve customer satisfaction by optimizing your inventory management with Magaya and Copernico.

Oracle E-Business

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Learn about our API

Design custom integrations with your key business software using the Copernico API, streamlining your logistics processes and reducing friction and data exchange between applications.

Easy to implement

The VGS API was designed to be easily installed and to get new processes up and running within your distribution center in no time.

Focus on what's important

Implementing our API allows you to reduce manual data exchange, focusing your teams' time on scaling and innovating.

Constant evolution

The processes supported by our API reduce your associated costs and increase the value perceived by your customers.

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Learn more about WMS Copérnico

Discover the impact of Copernico WMS on the optimization of your company’s logistics operations.