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WMS Copernico system maximizes the performance of your logistics processes, automating your manual processes and maintaining control over your operations and inventory in real-time to take your warehouse to a new level of optimization and quality service.

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Basic Plan​

For companies that want to manage the locations of their product and their Kardex.

$ 61/month

per user

Annual plan

or $72monthly plan per user


  • Ideal for companies that are starting to grow.
  • Adapts to the internal operating system.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface for beginners.


  • Layout and Kardex management automation.
  • Real-time control of the storage and status of each product in the inventory.
  • Technical support and various consultations.

Advanced plan

For companies with complex multi-channel logistics operations that require a high degree of integration and customization.

$ 154/month

per user

Annual plan

or $185 monthly plan per user


  • Ideal for companies with massive volumes of goods and orders.
  • Customized implementation integrated with internal operating systems.
  • Controls and updates in real time the information of all logistic processes.


  • Real-time control of storage and inventory.
  • API for ERP and Marketplace integrations.
  • API to modify routing and workload balancing using proprietary AI algorithms
  • Implementation of advanced logistics KPI’S.
  • Implementation of the Slotting solution.
  • API for integrations with transportation companies.
  • Order tracking through the Copernico App.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Copernico WMS is useful for all vertical markets, manufacturing, distribution, logistics and retail companies. But it is worth mentioning that its flexibility makes it adaptable to any sector.

A WMS is essential when your company manages a supply chain with numerous processes. In turn, it is implemented to meet customer needs and improve internal productivity, i.e., if you plan to optimize order management. Don’t expect to make serious mistakes that cost you time, effort and money to understand how important it is.

VGS developed for you a methodology that is designed to fit your objectives and the complexity of your company’s internal processes regardless of size or industry.

Copernico WMS helps you significantly reduce personnel costs, inventory holding costs, costs due to assortment and shipping errors, product shortages, among other factors.

Our support area is available 24/7 in both English and Spanish. All our clients are served in a personalized way by professionals specifically focused on their industry. In turn, we can deploy on-site support in the event of a crisis.

Although WMS Copernico adapts to your internal operating system, it is first evaluated by our professionals to offer you the solutions you need. If your current system is obsolete and is generating losses, then this type of decision would be made.

Yes, at VGS we focus that our Copernico WMS is always in its most updated, capable and intelligent version to offer you a better service every day.

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Do you need a specific software integration?

Learn how Copernico WMS integrates with E-Commerce, finance, ERP and freight applications. In addition, our solution is custom-integrated through our API.