Are your products located in the correct place in your warehouse?

Through the VGS Slotting solution, we classify and find the optimal location for each of your products according to their turnover volume, reducing the time and distance of searching within your distribution center.

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Benefits of our Slotting Solution

Efficient storage management translates into increased productivity, less operator fatigue, and better response times by optimizing routes.

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More from Optimizing storage spaces
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Reduction in SKU management time in execution times
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Advantages of our Slotting Solution

Our Slotting solution will let you to intelligently take advantage of each space in your logistics center, finding its ideal location for each product, according to its rotation level. This new distribution of your inventory will let you to reduce travel distances, effort and search time.

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Increase in picking

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Adaptability to
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Standards in our process

For VGS it is important to provide a personalized service that fits the specific context and circumstances of your 3PL, that is why we consider several criteria when evaluating our action plan:
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Don't know where to place products in the warehouse to optimize order fulfillment?

Slotting relocates your merchandise in the best position in the warehouse, to reduce the time and distance of movement during the order separation process.

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Increase the efficiency of your distribution center

Find out how our advanced Slotting solution will transform your logistics operations and reduce your freight operating costs.