Markings tailored to your warehouse system

With our warehouse marking system, allows you to designate the best location for each of your products, store them optimally and facilitate order separation.

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We design the best labeling system for your logistics center

Our warehouse marking system ensures that the process of storing and searching for your products is more efficient. For this reason, we develop a strategy adapted to the specifications of your logistics center and the way in which the operators will go through it through its aisles.


Racks evaluation of your warehouse and inventory.


Choice of marking system.


Selection of the best material.


Logical numbering of the Racks and storage positions.

Why is so important?

Our Warehouse Marking system reduces the possibility of losing sight of your inventory, providing the classification and location of each product in real-time, this makes it easier for your operators to find the products and separate the orders, thus increasing the efficiency of your distribution center.

Optimization of the storage times merchandise.

Increased visibility and better locations of products.

Increased productivity in warehouse processes.

Decrease in storage errors.

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Transform Your Warehouse Management with a Click.

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Benefits of Optimal Rack Marking

We implement an agile and fast shelf labeling system so that your operation never stops. Streamline storage management in your logistics center and level up your productivity.


The improvement in the organization of the warehouse will reduce the time spent on picking and will improve the transport of products.


The strategy location of product avoids failures, ensuring that the exact location of items is known in real-time.


Proper classification and organization of the merchandise to facilitate the control of SKUs, inventories and the scaling of the operation.


Increases readability, both by terminals and by the naked eye, and the ease of replacing labels if they suffer any deterioration.

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Boost your warehouse efficiency

Find out how the VGS Warehouse Marking system will allow you to have a fast and fluid circulation of all your logistics processes just a click away.