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Transform your manual distribution center operations

Leave behind your operations in spreadsheets and paper, turn them into a digitalized inventory management system in real-time that allows you to adapt to the needs of the market.

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Manage your inventory in real-time from anywhere

Copernico is a fully hosted, web-based warehouse management system. We eliminate the large upfront investments required by traditional warehouse management systems and free you from IT cost and maintenance concerns.

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Featured Characteristics

Warehouse mapping and slotting

Inventory management in warehouse network


Connection with the ERP and accounting system

Order management and fulfillment


E-commerce, EDI and CRM integration

Picking, Packing & Shipping

Traceability of serials and orders

Creation of Dashboards and KPIs


Copernico WMS

Achieve your goals with all the features that Copernico WMS offers you

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Inventory management in multiple warehouses

  • Visibility of products available, in transit and on order – Minimum, maximum and suggested order points
  • Control by inventory accounts by container locations and batch numbers
  • Pallet/Case Identification, Serial Numbers – Stock Transfers
  • Inventory tweaks
  • Cycle counting

Management and Fulfillment
of Orders

  • Order Entry/Shipping
  • Entry of customer orders through the web
  • Order allocation based on FIFO or specific product attributes
  • Pick validation processing
  • Shipping label printing
  • Packing Sheet Printing
  • Updating the proof of delivery of the commercial invoice
  • Email shipping confirmation notification

(in general and API)

The ERP Connector Integration makes it possible to integrate these systems. The connector supports a standard set of integration points that create the most important data and functionality of the VGS WMS:

  • Purchase orders Receipts
  • Sales Orders Shipments
  • Invoices
  • Inventory adjustments Stock transfers

Ready to take your logistics to the next level?

Lost inventory and manual errors are very costly and time-consuming to fix. Shorten your order cycles and improve your logistics center efficiency now.

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Copernico WMS

Manage your entire Logistics Center with Copernico WMS.

Optimize and reduce execution times!

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Warehouse Marking

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The Warehouse Marking functionality is responsible for labeling the warehouse spaces to inform and guide the location of the products through colors and shapes.


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The Slotting functionality is in charge of relocating the merchandise in the best position within the warehouse to increase the performance of the operators when it comes to picking.

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