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Evolving logistics processes

Learn how WMS Copernico helped to halve the time of picking processes at Proquident.

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Oral health


Medellín - Colombia


40 workers

Strategic priority

Improve operational efficiency

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Problems that Proquident was facing

Proquident is a company dedicated to the production and distribution of oral hygiene products in Colombia. Due to their industry and the type of product they offer, they have always been characterized by managing high-quality standards in all their processes.

In 2019 they decided to separate their distribution warehouse from the main headquarters, located in Envigado, to improve the processes of shipping and storage of orders. Relying on other technological tools such as their internal ERP, they thought they were ready to face this new era where everything is digital.

However, their processes were affected because their inventory control was insufficient for the large size of their warehouse, the picking process was getting slower, there were lost and expired products all over the warehouse, without a proper traceability of their products, Proquident’s quality standards were at risk.

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"We went from having an inventory reliability index in real time of only 20% approximately, to having a reliability of more than 80%"

Ramón Tamayo
Logistics Supervisor of Proquident S.A.
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The beginning of the changes with WMS Copernico

Realizing that the problems in inventory management did not stop growing, they decided to take the next step and adopt a WMS capable of generating the control and traceability of products that they needed so much, this is where Copernico comes into action.

The first months after the implementation were difficult, the operators were used to managing the processes in a totally different way, semi-manual and depending on their knowledge of the warehouse; facing these new fully automatic and digital processes was a challenge, however, thanks to the constant training process provided by Copernico, all the doubts, resistance and uncertainty were gradually left in the past.

One of the main challenges faced by Proquident was the large size of its warehouse, it is for this reason that hand in hand with Copernico began to design routes by coordinates so that operators did not have to make any kind of movement or incense route, this began to optimize and reduce the time in the picking process.

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The results obtained

Accuracy and reliability of inventory in real time.
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Reduction of errors in the order generation process.
0 %
Reduction in picking process execution times.
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The impact of WMS Copernico system within Proquident

Once the implementation and training processes were completed, the changes began to be more and more noticeable. Controlling the location, condition and expiration dates of each product not only helped to improve inventory visibility, but also began to increase order quality and decrease delivery time.

Inventory reliability became increasingly accurate, and thanks to Copernico, the location and organization of merchandise within the warehouse has helped to make better use of all available space and get the most out of it.

Finally, the optimization of picking routes has reduced by more than half the time previously spent on this process, increasing the productivity of employees and the entire distribution center in general.

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