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Find out in our Product Tour how our solutions will help you save time, money and effort; turning your warehouse storage into an automatized logistics center.

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Our solutions

Our solutions are the best way to optimize your logistics processes.


Our Copernico WMS Software allows you to:

Keep your inventory updated in real time

Automate the logistics processes of order generation, picking and dispatch orders.

Monitor the traceability of your processes in real time.


Warehouse Marking

With our warehouse marking system you can:

Have an intelligent and detailed marking of each space of your logistics center.

Easily read dialing codes with electronic systems or people.

Have total control of the location at all times of each item in your inventory.

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With our Slotting solution you will achieve:

Classify each product in your inventory and find the perfect location according to its rotation.

Reduce the search and picking time inside your logistics center.

Boost the productivity of your logistics center.

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Give it try and take your logistics processes to the next level!