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Representaciones Argoz

Discover how we managed to double the production level of Representaciones Argoz with WMS Copernico

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Distribution and sale of construction uniforms.


Monteria - Colombia.


10 in the logistics area and 40 in total.

Strategic priority

Reduce dispatch and invoicing times.

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Problems faced by Rep Argoz

Representaciones Argoz is a company located in the city of Montería, which is in charge of distributing and selling uniforms, footwear and construction elements. 2 years ago they came to VGS with the need to improve their order generation, dispatch and invoicing times, because the manual processes they were implementing did not adapt to the growth they needed as a company.

The old spreadsheets and paper were not allowing them to have control over operating expenses, manual order generation was causing more and more errors that were delaying delivery times, and all this resulted in very angry customers demanding explanations.

Added to this is the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, which appeared as a ghost to threaten everything, and it is right here where Copernicocomes into action.

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"Nowadays we laugh at how we used to do things with pencil and paper, thanks to Copernico, we are a company prepared and competitive for the new challenges and demands of the market".

Alejandro Arbeláez
General Manager of Representaciones Argoz.
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The beginning of the changes with WMS Copernico

WMS Copernico is here to change everything at Rep. Argoz. During the first months, resistance to the system was evident, especially because all the installation and programming was 100% virtual, many were not used to fully trust a software and even less if they did not know how it worked.

But it was only a matter of time, to learn how to adapt and to know the software, so that the changes would begin to be noticed. Starting with process automation order generation, picking and dispatching orders, followed by better distribution and real-time traceability of each product in the winery.

These processes began to completely eliminate manual typing errors, optimizing and reducing delivery times for customers.

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The results obtained

of productivity improvement in all our logistics processes with Copernico.
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internal growth of the company, thanks to improved productivity.
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decrease in order creation errors.
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The impact of WMS Copernico within Rep Argoz

After the first months of training and learning, the changes within the logistics processes were not long in coming. With all processes standardized and inventory control at hand in real time, within Rep. Argoz doubled efficiency in all logistics areas with the same staffing level as before implementing Copernico.

Over time, manual typing errors were reduced to zero and, in turn, the use and disposal of industrial quantities of paper sheets was completely eliminated within the logistics center thanks to the digitization of all processes.

While during the pandemic many industries were completely paralyzed, in Rep. Argoz production continues to increase every day thanks to Copernico.

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