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Discover how New Stetic managed to optimize its order management and reduce shipping errors with WMS Copernico.

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Comprehensive dental and medical-surgical solutions


Medellín - Colombia


More than 700

Strategic priority

Improve efficiency in order management.

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Problems that New Stetic was facing

New Stetic is a Colombian company dedicated to the production, research and marketing of dental and medical-surgical products for health care. Since its foundation in 1954, its growth has been continuous and over the years it has positioned itself as a leader in its industry.

Despite keeping up to date with market trends and the use of the best technologies, 10 years ago within the company, the execution of its logistics processes was completely manual, in addition, the management of orders and the picking process depended on the good memory of the operators who had to know exactly where and in what state the merchandise was in the warehouse. This did not allow them to have real control of their operation, as manual forms were often misplaced and caused dispatch errors, such as duplicate, missing or delayed orders.

In addition, at that time the term WMS was not as well known as it is today. So when logistics professionals discovered it, they had an uphill battle to convince management that it was just what New Stetic needed.

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“We used to have to explain what WMS Copernico did, now we ask ourselves how we used to function without it?”

Wilson Gallego
Director of Operations at New Stetic
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The beginning of the changes with WMS Copernico

Inside New Stetic, processes began to become increasingly complex due to the exponential growth of the company. For that reason, internally they could not afford to continue stagnating with the same errors, so they started with the installation of their ERP system, which although it allowed them to control certain processes, it was not enough.

When they finally managed to convince the management to take the decision to implement a WMS to improve logistics processes, this first implementation attempt failed and doubts about this technology grew more and more.

However, within New Stetic they were far from giving up on the WMS system and this is where Copernico comes in.

With a new system that fully involved the entire logistics staff, constant technical support and a frictionless implementation of any kind, all doubts began to fade away.

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The results obtained

improvement in order generation processes.
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reduction in order pick-up and delivery times.
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reduction in customer complaints and claims.
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The impact WMS Copernico system within New Stetic

Initially, it was not credible within the company that an implementation of such magnitude, which would change forever the way processes were carried out, could be fully implemented in only 2 months. In this case, reality surpassed fiction.

Not only did Copernico WMS manage to be fully implemented in 60 days, but also thanks to constant training with the operations staff, they achieved a complete integration of the system with all stages of the logistics process.

Starting with the organization of the goods in the warehouse, the operators no longer have to learn by heart the location, quantity or even the expiration dates of some products because Copernico takes care of all that by itself.

At the same time, there are no more manual typing errors, duplicate orders and many lost in a huge mountain of papers and, finally, with the standardization of processes and traceability on the inventory, Copernico allows them to easily control and comply with the regulations that their processes must follow with the control entities.

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