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Discover how Sumatec, a leader in Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) services, reinvented its inventory management and optimized its logistics with the support of Copernico WMS.

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MRO - Maintenance, Repair, and Operations.


In multiple cities in Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica.


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Strategic Priority

Enhance inventory management and streamline logistical processes.

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The Challenges of Sumatec

Put yourself in the shoes of a company with a warehouse full of products but struggling to locate what you need at the right moment. That was the situation at Sumatec. Manual management and the involvement of multiple individuals led to errors and inefficiency. The diversity of products further complicated their location. Additionally, the company faced the challenge of adapting to technological advancements and overcoming obsolete processes that had become inefficient.

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"Copernico has provided us with more precise and up-to-date data. When it comes to planning or needing something, we know exactly what we are dealing with. Everything has improved significantly."

Cristian Camilo Arias
Supply Director.
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The Change Begins with Copernico WMS

Sumatec decided to take charge. They adopted Copernico WMS, a tool that provided them with a clear, real-time perspective of their inventory. Products were categorized and assigned to specific locations, making tracking and locating them easier. Furthermore, the implementation of Copernico allowed Sumatec to optimize routes, improve the use of human resources, and have real-time information for making faster and more efficient decisions.

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The Results: Exceeding Expectations

The integration of Copernico WMS made a substantial difference in Sumatec. They not only improved inventory accuracy but also optimized the use of human resources and minimized the physical distances employees had to travel throughout the day. Furthermore, the company managed to process the same amount or more units with fewer resources, demonstrating the efficiency of the implementation.

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The Impact of Copernico WMS on Sumatec

Thanks to more sophisticated inventory management and increased efficiency in logistical processes, Sumatec has witnessed significant advances in its overall performance. Employee productivity has grown, and the company has been able to serve its customers more efficiently and punctually. Furthermore, the implementation of Copernico has allowed the company to carry out physical inventory movements more swiftly, benefiting the operation.


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