DL Plus

Discover how DL Plus, a company dedicated to the development of projects and the production of finished products for motorcycles, transformed its inventory management and optimized its logistics processes with the assistance of Copernico WMS.

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Development of projects and production of finished products.


Barrio Antioquia, in the former Medias Cristal warehouse.


Around 100 to 110 employees.

Strategic Priority

Improve inventory management and optimize logistical processes.

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The Challenges of DL Plus

Imagine having a warehouse full of products, but not being able to find what you need when you need it. That was the reality for DL Plus. Products that were supposed to be in stock were often not available when needed. The lack of an effective tracking system meant that products were frequently lost or damaged.

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"Thanks to Copernico, we now have more precise and real figures. When it comes to scheduling or needing something, we know exactly what we're dealing with. And we no longer have requests; everything is the same. It has improved a lot."

Olga Lucia Mosquera Restrepo
Supply Analyst.
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The Change Begins with Copernico WMS

So, DL Plus decided to take a step forward. They implemented Copernico WMS, a solution that allowed them to have a clearer view of their inventory situation in real-time. Products were categorized and assigned to specific locations, making them easier to locate and track. 

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The Results: Beyond Expectations

The implementation of Copernico WMS had a significant impact on DL Plus. Inventory reliability improved up to 98%, reducing supply shortages and overstock issues. But that’s not all; they also achieved a 100% improvement in location and storage space optimization. And if that weren’t enough, DL Plus’ certification process was made easier thanks to the implementation of Copernico.

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The Impact of Copernico WMS on DL Plus

With better inventory management and increased efficiency in logistics processes, DL Plus has experienced significant improvements in its overall performance. Employee productivity has increased, and the company has been able to meet its customers more effectively and punctually.

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