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Learn how quimicoplásticos reduced to zero its warehousing, distribution and its storage, distribution and inventory control problems with Copernico WMS.
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Trade of raw materials for plastics and paints


Envigado - Colombia


30 logistics operators.

Strategic priority

Optimize the internal space of the logistics center.

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Problems faced by Quimicoplasticos

Quimicoplásticos is a Colombian company in charge of the commercialization and distribution of raw materials for the plastic packaging sector. As well as raw materials for the paint industry, architectural solutions for the construction sector, among others.

The company was founded in 1982 and since then it has not stopped growing, but with the passing of the years and its exponential growth have been confronted with the abrupt, rapid and voracious changes of today’s market. Five years ago, they noticed that despite their efforts to keep their logistics processes optimized and up to date, each day there were more errors, delays and there was no control of the goods in the warehouse.

They were confronted with a cycle that repeated itself over and over again, every time they had to take inventory. products were not where they should be, some of them were already in poor condition and, above all, when the calculations were done, the numbers did not match what they were supposed to be. This generated chaos among employees and further delays in all processes because they had to repeat the entire process manually over and over again until the errors were found.

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"Thanks to Copernico, we were able to make the most of all the space available in our warehouse and eliminate the problems of expired, spoiled or out-of-stock products."

Miguel Rodriguez
director of operations Quimicoplásticos.
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The beginning of the changes with WMS Copernico

When Quimicoplasticos noticed that the same mistakes kept repeating over and over again, that’s when Copernico came into play. The company’s storage problems were causing its spaces to be underutilized, which consequently affected distribution process times, and this is where the change begins.

With the implementation of Copernico system, the products in the warehouse went from being scattered all over the place to being classified according to their characteristics in a specific place for them, in addition, the order generation, picking and dispatch processes began to be automated.

In this way, each employee knows exactly where each product is and what to do at each stage of the process. At the same time, the digitization of all information now allows total control of every product in the warehouse until it reaches its destination.

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The results obtained

De mejora en el aprovechamiento del espacio del almacén.
of reliability in real time inventory control.
of time reduction by doing complete inventories.
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The impact of WMS Copernico within Quimicoplastics

With a better distribution of product storage in the warehouse, automation and standardization of logistic processes, changes began to be noticed within Quimicoplasticos.

The optimization in the location of the merchandise allowed us to make better use of all the spaces in the warehouse. This new organization allowed us to reduce search times, have traceability of each product in the warehouse and control the inventory in real time, without delays and manual errors.

In addition, the standardization of all logistic processes significantly increased the individual productivity of each warehouse operator, which naturally translated into an increase in the overall productivity of the entire company.

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