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Istho S.A.S

How WMS Copernico enabled Istho S.A.S. to automate, streamline and increase production.

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Logistics and solutions.


Antioquia - Colombia.


30 logistics professionals.

Strategic priority

Digitize processes.

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Problems faced by Istho S.A.S.

Istho S.A.S, is a company dedicated to the storage, logistics and transportation of products in Colombia, it came to VGS with the need to reduce search, sorting and order generation times, optimize your production levels and automate your logistics processes; inventory control was totally manual and they did not have an optimal location of their merchandise.

This was generating bottlenecks in its production, such as: expired products in inventory, delays in dispatch processes, manual typing errors in the order creation process and lack of traceability of the movement of goods in and out of the warehouse.

All these inconveniences were causing the proposed quality standards not to be reached and dissatisfaction from their clients.

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"Doing inventories for our customers used to take us up to 6 days, with Copernico we can do them in less than 1."

Diego Echeverry
Istho Operations Manager.
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The beginning of the changes with WMS Copernico

When Istho S.A.S. decided to acquire our Copernico WMS in 2015 and transform its work culture, which consisted of logistical processes that until then had consisted of 100 manuals, in digitally automated processes. They faced the challenge of aligning their operators and collaborators to a new system that was totally new to them and that they did not know how it worked.

Everyone had to learn from scratch to rely on the power of Copernico and the automation of logistics processes. We start with the relocation of the merchandise, classified by their characteristics and their level of rotation; passing through the labeling control the location, quantity and condition of each product; reaching the traceability of each product inside and outside the logistics center until it reaches its destination.

Thanks to the permanent technical support offered by Copernico Istho in just over three months, a total integration of our WMS that began to change and automate the logistics dynamics of their processes.

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The results obtained

less travel, search, sorting and order fulfillment times.
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improvement in the control and management of inventory in the warehouse.
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of reduction of manual typing errors in the creation of orders.
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The impact of WMS Copernico within Istho S.A.S.

After the transition and implementation processes within Istho’s logistics center, the changes began.

Manual spreadsheets were left behind and in their place began a new standardized, automated and efficient logistics process, in which each operator knew exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it. This increase in the individual productivity of each employee translated into an increase in the overall productivity of the entire logistics center.

The automation of order generation, picking and shipping orders doubled the operational volume of the warehouse without affecting the workload of the operators.

In addition, the total and real-time control of inventory reduced search times and optimized 100% of the routes within the logistics center.

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