Inducascos is one of Colombia’s most important helmet production companies, with over 25 years of experience.

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Helmet production industry


Medellín - Colombia


100 - 120

Strategic Priority

Enhancing control and operational efficiency.

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Challenges Faced by Inducascos:

Inducascos is one of Colombia’s most important helmet production companies. With over 25 years of experience, Inducascos has grown alongside the safety and motor vehicle industries. This rapid growth brought about a series of logistical challenges in managing its warehouses, which, in about eight years, expanded from 600 square meters to over 10,000 square meters, including both proprietary and third-party warehouses.

As a rapidly expanding company with more than 150,000 SKUs, Inducascos required services that would help streamline its operations, improve efficiency, and gain better control over inventory and operations. These challenges necessitated the implementation of technologies that could address their needs. However, their past experiences with other WMS companies cost Inducascos both time and money, in addition to complicating the work of their staff.

Inducascos reached out to SGV in search of a logistics solution that would be efficient and understand the needs and urgencies of their clients, enabling not only increased productivity but also simplifying the work of their operators.

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"At Inducascos, we have a before and after that is entirely linked to Copernico. It changed our lives and continues to do so. Copernico has always been there to address new challenges that arise or enhance what we had before. We've found a supplier that extends a helping hand when we need it."

Gustavo Colorado
Logistics Director at INDUCASCOS
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The Change Begins with Copernico WMS

After more than a year of unsuccessful attempts to implement WMS options, Inducascos discovered Copernico through a colleague’s recommendation. Contact was made between the parties, and in less than a month, Inducascos had implemented Copernico in its first distribution center.

From the very beginning, the adaptation was straightforward because the user interface was user-friendly and easy to learn. Furthermore, the Copernico team was always there to provide timely assistance.

The change was noticeable and satisfying because the tool allowed them to connect with operational data, providing them with simple and automated access to information. This resulted in improved visibility and inventory control, achieving 99.999% inventory reliability, making the software a crucial component for the company’s decision-making.

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The Results: Exceeding Expectations

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Satisfaction with Copernico's service
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The Impact of Copernico WMS on Inducascos

Copernico changed the way Inducascos operated. It not only improved the company’s efficiency but also provided them with greater inventory visibility, better process control, and simplified the work of their employees, offering them a reliable tool to make their jobs easier.

The experience has been so satisfactory that Inducascos currently utilizes the complete solution, which includes procurement, picking, packaging, and dispatch. In fact, the entire process is managed with Copernico, and modules have even been designed and implemented to allow them to connect with production sectors for greater control.

For Inducascos, Copernico became an ally: someone reliable with the openness and commitment to listen and adapt to the needs of its clients.

Thanks to Copernico, Inducascos can have complete control over its operations, enabling them to stay updated and at the forefront of a constantly growing market.

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