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How Copernico WMS helped to more than halve the time in all of Montolivo’s logistics processes.
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Service and food


Medellín - Colombia



Strategic priority

Optimize internal operational capacity.

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Problems faced by Montolivo

Montolivo is a restaurant chain in Colombia that has about 27 points of sale and more than 300 employees. It was created in 2014 as a self-service balanced lunch stand, which has been exposed to a in a relatively short period of time.

Due to this growth, they were facing several bottlenecks in their logistic distribution processes: product rotation problems, very long delivery times, storage errors that caused considerable losses and zero control of existing inventory that caused sales errors.

To make matters worse, in order to meet the high market demand, Montolivo’s entire staff was being forced to double their work shifts to continue meeting their customer’s needs and to cope with the losses that all these problems were generating.

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"Currently we can't see ourselves without Copernico, because everything would be chaos, thanks to its implementation we now produce twice as much as we did before and with only half that effort."

Mar Inés
Montolivo Administrator.
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The beginning of the changes with WMS Copernico

Two years ago, Montolivo made the decision, hand in hand with Copernico, to try to mitigate as much as possible all these errors, to find a balance to the work rhythm of its operators and to continue maintaining the excellent reputation that had been built up to that moment.

To do so, they were faced with the task of beginning to adapt to a system that was totally new to them, but which would entail far-reaching changes and improvements. First, they had to improve the storage conditions and organization of the products, with the objective of creating classifications according to their level of rotation that would guarantee a more efficient dispatch work and in less time.

At the same time, the digitalization of this inventory in its new location and the automation of other processes such as: order generation, picking orders and dispatch, allowed them to start having control, status and location of each product at all times. This mitigated sales errors due to out-of-stock or spoiled products.

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The results obtained

of the most satisfied customers with the quality of service and delivery times.
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of improvement in productivity levels across the board.
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of time reduction in the execution of all logistic processes.
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The impact of WMS Copernico within Montolivo

Process automation and improved inventory distribution not only improved the level of product turnover, but also the level of inventory turnover, decreased the workload of employees, while increasing productivity The company’s management team knew exactly what to do at each stage of the process with Copernico, so there was no room for error.

Likewise, real-time inventory control facilitated the search for products and reduced by more than half the time required for all other logistical processes.

In turn, the traceability of each product, location control and validation of each order dispatch ensured high-quality process standardization, which translated into satisfied customers and an impeccable brand identity.

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