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Discover how Simplistics managed to become an automated distribution center thanks to WMS Copernico system.

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Integral logistics service


Medellín - Colombia


7 logistics professionals.

Strategic priority

Improve picking order efficiency.

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Problems that Simplistics was facing

Simplistics is a company founded 2 years ago, which provides integrated logistics services and warehousing solutions in Colombia. When they started with their logistics processes they did it following manual and small scale processes, but as the months went by they had to face an exponential growth of their logistic center, although it was expected, they were not prepared to handle it.

The increase in the volume of orders and the acquisition of large customers, began to generate problems and delays in the manual organization, which until then had Simplistics. In addition, the company’s operational capacity was not sufficient to meet the high demand that was being generated.

Facing all these difficulties only a few months after the company was founded and realizing the high competitiveness of the current market, the directors did not waste any time and decided that, if their company wanted to continue growing, they had to enter the market through the big door.

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"WMS Copernico system has allowed us to easily adapt to the logistical dynamics of our customers, no matter what market they belong to. With them, we have always found the answers we needed"

Juan Uribe
Founder of Simplistics S.A.S.
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The beginning of the changes with WMS Copernico

A little more than 6 months after its foundation, Simplistics decided to implement WMS Copernico system and turn its small company into an automated distribution center. At the beginning, the resistance to change was evident and they had a feeling of uncertainty by relying entirely on a software.

Nevertheless, in only 4 months they achieved a total integration between the Copernico services and the operation of the warehouse. By automating the processes of order generation, picking orders and dispatch through the radio frequency system, they were able to start controlling their inventory and reduce the amount of time and effort spent in each process.

At the same time, they began to improve the distribution of merchandise within the warehouse, optimize spaces and level the workload of each operator. At this point, delivery times began to decrease and productivity within Simplistics began to increase.

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The results obtained

Adaptation to the internal logistics dynamics of the company.
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Improvement in the creation and execution of picking orders
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increase in overall warehouse productivity.
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The impact of WMS Copernico system within Simplistics

After the implementation time and with the entire warehouse fully adapted to the logistics processes, operated 100% by radio frequencies, the changes began to be noticed, having the inventory control in real time, they could have a complete traceability of the processes at all times and in all places.

Each operator could process up to twice as many orders as before, with as little effort as possible, since they knew exactly what to look for, where to find it and how to send it in a matter of minutes and without the risk of manual errors.

In addition, the Copernico system allowed them to adapt to the logistical dynamics and delivery times of each customer without friction of any kind.

Today, within simplistics, the use and costs of paper and hard-to-read spreadsheets are a thing of the past.

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